Praspack is an INR 1000 Million, Flexible Packaging / Converting Company engaged in manufacture of Multicolored Printing (Reverse, Surface) and Multilayered Packaging Films.

With a total production capacity of 50,000 metric ton per annum, Praspack is well equipped to cater to the most varied needs of the industry.

Modern, high speed machines, computerized designing and state-of-the-art technology i.e. High Speed Printing with Auto Register Control System, Solvent Base / Less Lamination, Multi Layer Blown Film Plant – Praspack has it all under one roof.

Praspack is among the leading manufacturers of India for laminates in rolls and pouches with center seal, three sided seals, six sided seals, stand up pouches with and without zip lock (of all types).

Praspack is headed by five technocrats with more than a decade and a half's experience in the field.

Having grown organically, the company has developed a rich expertise in serving the special needs of the Indian market as well as that of its global customers.

Today Praspack enjoys an enviable reputation in the field that has been earned the hard way, on the basis of its international quality products and services.

Praspack follows globally accepted quality system and is ISO 9001:2000

Not only does Praspack offer cost effective, aesthetic and durable solutions to the industry, it does so without compromising on its core tenets:

• Running a safe manufacturing environment with maximum utilization of assets

• Compliance of statutory and social obligations to society

• Continual improvement of Quality Systems

To this end, Praspack has an in-house, well equipped laboratory where in all raw materials used in our manufacturing processes are tested rigorously to stringent standards. Some of the tests that are carried out on a routine basis: Film Treatment Level, Micron Thickness & Uniformity, GSM, COF, Film Opacity, Dart Impact, Solvent Testing, Moisture Content, Ink Uniformity (Light/Dark), AR/SR.

All manufactured finished laminates also undergo mandatory quality checks before being dispatched to customers.


Another important parameter we apply our exceptional quality control to is the hygiene of both the workplace, as well as the product manufactured.

Our manufacturing facilities maintain a high standard of housekeeping and ensure a dust free, insect free, odorless work place.

Our Personal and Quality Department leave no stone unturned in maintaining uncompromisingly high standards of cleanliness during the entire production process.


One of Praspack's core competencies is the ability to offer invaluable tailor-made solutions for packaging needs across all industries. This technical input can make a great impact on the profitability of the brand/product and can be a critical factor in its success on the retail shelf.

Praspack offers value additions at every step of the packaging process:

Better registration – this allows for more attractive & innovative designs that stand out on the retail self

Uniform batch quality – consistency of the brand packaging ensures that the brand value on the shelf is never compromised

Longer acting seals – this allows for the package to be handled better across the entire distribution chain

Recommendation of the right substrate – this allows for increased shelf life of both the packaging as well as the product

500 kg to 5 ton capacity – this ensures that neither cost nor our delivery schedules are ever compromised

Our unwavering commitment to quality and service has earned us customers on all four continents: US, Europe, Asia & Africa. Today, Praspack is a company that is able to take up the challenge of servicing any corner of the globe.

We have clearly succeeded in our mission to satisfy our customers and end users by providing globally accepted, international quality packaging at the most viable prices. Our list of esteemed clients is proof of our ability to serve a wide range of industry both, globally, as well as locally.

From 500 kg to 5 Tons…

We are well equipped to cater to the needs of every client with a bespoke solution.

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