Woven Sacks and Fabrics BOPP Printed & Laminated Woven Bags

PP / HDPE Woven Sacks and Fabrics

Woven polypropylene sacks i.e. PP Woven bags are considered to be the toughest packaging bags, widely used to pack materials by varies industries as listed above. We offer 100% custom designed polypropylene woven bags and polypropylene woven sacks as per the required specifications of the customer. We can also provide UV protection and anti-skid application in our bags as per demand.

Multicolor BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

We offer high quality bags that are used for packaging of products such as rice, flour, salt, maida, animal feed, Fertilizer and many more. Made from virgin raw material, these bags have a high strength and are ideal for bulk packaging of various products. Our range of BOPP bags provide convenience in use, perfect protection for external factors and at the same time do not affect the inherent attributes of the product. We can offer tailor made bags also to meet the specific requirements of different applications by buyers.


Lab Testing Facility

As this is the demand of today's modern era we have to take care of the samples which we make in our premises. This testing lab facility we have equipped because of ensuring our customer needs and it also helps us in measuring, analysing the content, strength as well as other parameters such as size, quality just to avoid the post-sale complaints from customers. Currently we have equipped the below listed facility and equipment in our Lab.

(1) Tensile Tester (Make : Deepak Extrusion) - Tests strength, elongation of the fabric
(2) MFI Tester (Melt flow index) (Make : Deepak Extrusion) - Tests melt flow index of all polymers
(3) Ash Content (Make : Deepak Extrusion) - Tests ash content
(4) Humidity Chamber (Make : Deepak Extrusion)


Plant & Machinery

Praspack Polymers as a group have taken care of meeting the customer needs by installing the best machinery from its makers. In, this competitive era all the demands have to be taken care of. We have set up the capacity of producing 300 metric ton / month.

LohiaLorex 1400 Tape Stretching Line (1 Nos.)

• Company : Lohia
• Model : E105B
• Plant Capacity : 450 kg/hour

This is the basic process of polymers industry converting polymers into the tape and then those tapes will go to looms for making the fabric.

Circular Looms (52 Nos.)

Make : Lohia
Model : Nova 6
PPM : 1100/Minute

After the tape making process it goes to the looms for weaving the fabric as per the needs of customer.

Extrusion Coating Line (1 Nos.)

Make :JP Extrutesiontech Ltd.
Model :Tandem Extrusion Coating Line JP70CR850/TD
Line Speed : 150 meters of fabric per minute
Width :800 mm

Extrusion coating line is basically lamination machine which laminate the means of Fabric and LDPE as well as PP. Laminated fabric is the need in this current era just to get the strength of fabric and adding up the shine and glossy finish to the material.

Flexo Printing Machine (2 Nos.)

Online Printing (1 Nos.)
Make : Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP
Line Speed : 80 meters of fabric per minute
Printing Width : 800 mm
Bag to Bag printing (1 Nos.)
Speed: 3500 Bags/Hour

Flexo printing machine has been equipped due to meeting the customer requirments of single or two colour stereo printing.

Rotogravure Printing Machine (1 Nos.)

Imported :Guoda GDSAY- 1300A Model
Printing Width :1300 mm
Line Speed : 180 meters per minute half tone job – 150 meters per minute
Registration Controlling : Motorize Controlling Auto- registration Control & Online Stroboscope Controlling
Printing Dry :Hot-Air Blowers Facility Process
Viscosity Control :Ink circulation Pump in every station

Rotograveure machine has been imported from China with a maximum speed of 180 meters/minute.

BCS(2 Nos.)

Make : LohiaModel : 850/45
Make : Innova Model : Innova 3G

This is the bag conversion and sewing process, making the fabric into the bag form with the stitching process also being done by it.

Bag Making Machine with Twist Gusset (2 Nos.)

Make : Navrang Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Speed : 50 Bags/Minute

Flexo printing machine has been equipped due to meeting the customer requirments of single or two colour stereo printing.

Stitching Machines (15 Nos.)

Make : Ghinza Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

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